Baobab Architects P.C.

We offer you professional Architectural services with a personalized approach. We go to great lengths in taking heed of your vision, building upon it and transforming it from concept into reality.

Our small business structure allows the Principal to closely participate on your project. He has been in business for 23 years, exposed to a lot of different types of projects in New York. Our objective is to provide maximum value to you by utilizing our expertise and experience. This means you can be confident that we will meet your expectations.

Our beliefs:

Cultural Diversity

We welcome and embrace cultural diversity. The client of Baobab Architects is naturally one who shares our appreciation of diversity in all facets of life. With equal commitment, we engage on many types and sizes of projects by clients of all walks of life.


From the moment you become our client, we are squarely in your corner. It is imperative that we understand your dream, nurture it, and realize your vision. We shall be with you every step of the way as we navigate the design together. We care and appreciate your trust in us, and we demonstrate this in every aspect of our work.


We believe strongly that the architect-client relationship is built on communication. To that end, we shall not leave you wondering. We will be in close contact with you. We will be responsive. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to offer timely insights and foresights into your project.

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"Mr Mwandiambira, gave me a thorough explanation on what to expect in navigating the DOB's complex application submission process to get approval for alterations to my home. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly an acceptable plan was composed. I would highly recommend Baobab Architects to anyone seeking a top quality architectural firm" A Burke

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Architecture Design

At Baobab Architects we strive for perfection in all we do. Our designs focus on offering the perfect mix of practicality and style. We’re proud of the contributions we’ve made to the New York City Skyline and would love to design your next building. Our unique approach is designed to produce the best possible results for our clients. 

NYC Architects: Brooklyn Architects

New York is truly one of the greatest cities in human history. The style and innovation in the buildings that make up its skyline are renown the world over. It is our honor to continue this tradition in a safe, responsible way. That’s why we make sure to carry and maintain all appropriate licenses for our work. Moreover, we are fully insured in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. 

Seeking NY licensed Architect

If you’re looking for an architect in or around New York City, please contact us. We’d love to hear about your project and explain what we can do to help. Initial consultations are always free, and you’ll be amazed at the quality and service we offer. Get your project completed the right way with Baobab Architects!