It can be intimidating to explore the world of architecture. We’ve put together some resources to help you get started, and remember, you’re always welcome to schedule a free consultation with us if you have more questions about your project!

  • Architecture Process Guide

    Every architectural project comes complete with its own set of challenges and goals. However, this does not mean that there is no standard process for architectural projects to go through. Understanding the five phases of an architectural project is an important part of making sure any project... Read more & Download →

  • NYC Fire Protection Plan Guide

    Fire safety is an important part of any building design. New York City has very stringent requirements for fire safety due to the unique nature of the population and the buildings of the city. One of the most important aspects of fire safety is the Fire Protection Plan.   

    ... Read more & Download →
  • NYC Foundation Approval Guide

    The foundation is one of the most important aspects of any building. After all, there’s a reason that the idea of a good or bad foundation is used in so many ways, from childhood education to business development. The importance of a foundation to a building is the reason why there are a... Read more & Download →