Why Baobab?

I get this question a lot. Here is a little story behind it.

“Let’s meet under the baobab tree” was a common phrase I heard as a youth when I spent time in my grandparents’ village. They meant a huge baobab tree facing the granite hill with balancing rocks on top. The baobab tree, probably several hundred years old, provided us with shelter from the midday sun or from the intermittent rain. It gave us fruit snacks, and it stored water during the drought months. I would comfortably sit under the tree for hours pondering about life or simply admiring the balancing rocks (which themselves are a fascinating phenomenon). Baobab tree is also referred to by many people as the ‘Tree of life’. As a celebration of this tree and in honor of my roots, I named my firm Baobab.

Why do you do what we do ?

We find joy in working out coherent beautiful solutions for architectural design problems that our clients present us with. We also find gratification in making certain these solutions result in more than just designing a shelter, but in addition, places of comfort, inspiration, safety, and livelihood, just like the Baobab tree.

Who is the founding Principal?

I am Tafadzwa Mwandiambira, the founding principal of Baobab Architects P.C. I realize that my name is a mouthful, and it amuses me to hear my clients butcher it; thus, I usually go by my nickname Taf. I work with our clients from the very outset of a project, with support from our design and production team as well as other relevant consultants. I coordinate complex projects from conception to completion. The tangible result of design is the greatest satisfaction that I find in our field.

Whilst working for many years in different capacities for several prominent NYC architects, I exposed myself to a wide range of projects of varying complexities, which I successfully completed. It is with this knowledge and experience that I founded Baobab Architects.

I was born in Zimbabwe. I am fluent in English and I also speak Shona, my native language. I studied Architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I am licensed to practice Architecture in New York State. I am a member of the American Institute of Architects, National Organization of Minority Architects, and the US Green Building Council. I am married and have 2 teenagers. I have various hobbies, my latest being model railroading!